Saturday Boat Stage

osixoonensevenone (060171) is an Amsterdam based ambient and techno producer. 

When he plays live with his modular you can expect dark drones and dreamy soundscapes.


He started making house music around 1990 with a hardware sampler, some analog  synthesizers and an ATARI ST as sequencer. In 2000 his first PC lead to Reaktor,  and opened up a world of virtual patching and granular synthesis. 

Late 2008 he bought a vintage Elektor Formant semi-modular. In 2014 he gave in to eurorack, starting a system with the Intellijel Rubicon, which is still expanding and lately combined with a small Buchla 100 clone. 



osixoonesevenone on Instagram

osixoonesevenone live @ Patch Panel Paradiso