Synthesis Technology

Synthesis Technology

Synthesis Technology started in 1992 by Paul Schreiber, designing DSP products to support the
Texas Instruments ‘Speak & Spell’ voice synthesizer chipset.
In 1997, we started the MOTM 5U modular kit business as a spin-off of our
Curtis chip website, thinking we would use CEM chips
in our modules. We were hoping to sell ‘a few modules’ as a side business.
We sold over 11,000 and sold the MOTM product
line in 2007.

We re-entered the market in Euro in 2010 with the E340 Cloud Generator and
the E350 Morphing Terrarium again as a “hobby” and
10 years later it’s now a full-time business. We are only 3 people: Paul
Schreiber (HW/manufacturing), Eric Brombaugh (DSP coder), and Robert Rich
(musical guidance).

Our goal is to provide unique modules never before offered in the
marketplace. Our latest is the E520 Hyperion Effects Processor, which
combines both traditional time-based effects (like delay) with all-new
spectral effects.


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