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Cologne based Marco Petracca, aka HHNOI discovered his love for electronic music production at the age of 15. This early love for electronic instruments lead to a musical vita, that couldn't be more diverse. 25 years later, Petracca has tried nearly everything you can musically. From making soundtracks for erotic hotlines, short thriller films and tv adverts to electro punk on big stages and gloomy industrial pop that hit the European charts. HHNOI is his modular synth based alter ego, which originally started as an outlet for quirky musical ideas, but ended up being his main imprint. HHNOI's music is like an evolving soundtrack, with harmonies and melodies you would not expect coming out of machinery that is often being used for rather experimental sounds. Nevertheless, HHNOI is far from being easy. As with his former projects, Petracca likes to break with expectations, by transforming enchantingly melancholic and lush harmonies and melodies into walls of feedback noises. Swinging between unpredictable dark ambience and emotionally gripping electronica, the results are a satisfying combination of well-crafted songform, beautiful sound design and complex beats. For his latest live iterations, HHNOI teams up with visual artist and fellow musician Rachel Palmer to create a unique experience that combines unique soundscapes with evocatively moving live generated, audio reactive visuals.

American visual artist Rachel Palmer has been working as a music producer since the late 90's and as an audiovisual composer since 2013. Her prolific musical background in classical piano, guitar, and electronic music production ranging from soundtracks to ambient, harbors the foundation of her stirring visual art. As a musician, she understands how to implement live visuals not only technically, but emotionally into musical performances throughout genres. Rachel's visual compositions consist of gritty but strangely harmonic designs which transform venues and stages into living, audio-reactive organisms. As former resident visual artist for US based event series and record label SYSTEM, Rachel has performed her work for an array of techno events throughout the United States and Europe. Having relocated to Germany in late 2018, Rachel has disentangled her unique art from such strict genre conventions; she has been inspired by and continues to gravitate towards music that not only compliments, but amplifies her artistic vision. While she is recognized for her visual performances at electronic music events, Rachel also collaborates with artists of various mediums ranging from promotional music videos to animated photography. 







Video: HHNOI & RACHEL PALMER: Rehearsal video



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