Saturday Demo Room

Showcase around 73-76 synthesisers.

The showcase will expose patches and ideas for live performances. A guid-line in circuits that meant to use in versatile way. Bulcha Easel and Serge synths patched in a way that will collaborate in patch programmability and sound, in order to give color palette to use on live performances. The first part will be performance and the second part analysis and talk around live and patches.


Presented by Hmisu

Hmisu (from the greek word imisi - ’’Ημισυ’’ means the half ) was born on March 24, 1987. He was raised in city of Chania in Crete, Greece, a small city with a lot of diversity. After high school in 2008, he studied sound engineering and creative arts. He worked for many years as a sound and light engineer in festivals, from where he first developed his passion for live performance. On the side, during this period, also created a collective with his friends and explore the potentials of rave electronic culture by directing events and playing as DJ, electronic music over 10 years.

Using handmade by him, Serge modular synthesizers and a Buchla music easel  to capture and express the moment in a dystopian and futuristic way, his art is all about new, diverse and spontaneous themes that vary from heavy electronic textures to rhythmic patterns. His live performance speaks about how we eavesdrop on the moment and how we react on this rain of information that our senses are exposed to.