Saturday DMF night club PIP

Under his Klankman moniker, Maarten Epskamp brings his own twisted take on techno with a lavish amount of acid . From an early age he has been fascinated by the immersive power of rhythmic electronic music and the DIY possibilities of producing and performing, This resulted in a sound that's dominated by hypnotizing repeating loops and rough rhythms.

He is the only artist not playing with a modular system during the whole festival, but with his complete hardware setup and his driving music there would not be a better act to finish the festival!
In his production as well as in his live performance, Klankman's freeform method leaves room for unexpected turns. The result might sometimes be experimental and certainly be intriguing, but the dancefloor is never far away.

Recently Klankman released his music on Tar Hallow from Rotterdam and Bunker Den Haag.