Saturday Main Stage

The [law-rah] collective started as a one-person project in 2000. His first well thought of experiments resulted in the album "incarnation", which was released in 2001. After this first CD the collective became a real collective through intensive collaboration; on stage as well as in the studio. Because of this, these days the [law-rah] collective should be considered a true collective.

The collaboration with various other artists in different fields of art resulted in a very varied portfolio, concerning musical style as well as artform. A piece for a ballet, an audio play with narrative about the 1953 flood, many CD, tape and vinyl releases as well as scores for video productions.

In the almost 20 years of its existence, the collective has performed almost 100 times in Europe and the U.S. On stage they do what they're good at: generating thick ambient layers, deep analog drones, scarcely spread noises and even - at moments - massive walls of sound. They use a minimal - these days modular - setup. It should be added that all performances are based on improvisation and experimentation, so each time you see them live will be different.


This time the collective is Martijn Pieck en Bauke van der Wal.