On Saturday the Demo room is taken over by a Spanish crew!
In line with the community feeling of Eurorack Barcelona, this year the Barcelona community brings you their feel to Dutch Modular Fest. 



An unfulfilled walking contradiction on a continuous search for something that ultimately resists creation.  In this new phase of exploration, the need for a constant re-invention contradicts with the staticity of the previously presented pieces. Expect nostalgic ambiences disrupted by glitchy broken beats.

instagram @selvikei


A researcher of the mistake. opaaco's way of evolving passes through constant phases of compulsively organizing his bad ideas together with the good, but badly executed, ones.microscopes, magnifying glasses, self-made gear and old cameras can commonly be found in his surroundings, where hybrid glitch collages materialize into something visible.

instagram @opaaco


Alpha Decay aka Ambre is a modular synthesizer sound project born in Barcelona from a DIY building process of the engine. Noisy-melodic broken beats with a quite obvious rave background, every performance begin with a patch prepared and then lets place to live improvisation.


In 2016, Barcelonan artists Patricia Ferrer y Héctor Sousa form Ámbar after years of grinding the sharp edges of an original material comprised of modular systems, synthesizers, and rhythm machines. Voltages, connections, filters, and sequences reverberating inside them. The Liceu de Barcelona’s classical education joins the experimental and underground electronic expertise producing results close to the Drone, Ambient, Techno, or Trance style. Lovers of free improvisation in search of an ethereal sound, they intend to guide the listener towards a unique and transcendental experience where the auditive concept connects with our limbic. Each performance is unique in concept, psyche, and execution.


Nyon-k (AKA Sergio Cañón), Barcelona.
Since he entered the world of modular synthesizers he has been combining sampling techniques with synthesis. In this occasion we will offer a set full of textures, delays, feedback and deep sounds with a techno dub flavor.