During the festival you can do different workshops!
As the makers bring a lot of DIY-kits you can attend the workshops anytime while the market is open.
The festival has a special workshop corner on the first floor where you can enjoy the smell of soldering.
We provide all the tools you will need.
In all cases the makers are happy to help you and assist where necessary.

The workshop times are:
Friday: 15:00 till 22:00
Saturday: 12:00 till 21:00

As most makers will bring modules to solder during DMF you can go home with all your needs, some makers have a reservation list:

For Befaco Modules you can subscribe at: http://bit.ly/BEFACO_DMF

Want to solder an Erica Synth module during the festival? Pay 20% less and no VAT on any Erica Synths module/DIY kit, if preordered. Mail for preorders to: ilga@ericasynths.lv

For soldering the limited edition little synths you can go to: https://www.ginkosynthese.com/dmf-diy-synth and type the password "DMF2019"