As expected at Dutch Modular Fest, we will have a great market with some great makers and company’s. Ranging from world famous ones to small one man diy makers. A fantastic mix for everyone. Who will be there? This is Not Rocket Science,, MOOG, TipTop Audio, Voltage Vibes, Threetom Modular, Schreibmachine, Erica Synths, ALM Busy Circuits, Schlappi Engineering, XOR electronics, Vaski, Making Sound Machines, Alter Audio, BEAR Modules, TearApartTapes, Joranalogue Audio Design, TStudio, Das Ding See you all the 3th of September!
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We have some fantastic artists for you! As you probably all know, we always try to spotlight all the different musical genres, made with modular synthesizer systems. This year it will be not d…
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Dutch Modular Fest program

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